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“Jiangsu Huagu New Materials Co., Ltd.” (formerly Wuxi Huaying Lithium Energy New Materials Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2014; the company is located in Wuxi Qianqiao Industrial park, a critical town in south Jiangsu with developed traffic and beautiful scenery. The company focuses on research and development, production and sale of soft pack lithium battery Aluminium Laminate Film (ALF), and has now become a modern professional factory producing lithium battery ALF. The company has a constant temperature and humidity production workshop of 3,000 square meters designed according to GMP standard and with its cleanliness rated at one hundred thousand level; with advanced production equipment, strong technical force and complete inspection and testing equipment, the production scale has now reached an annual production capacity of 12 million square meters of ALF ... ...

With the increased energy density requirements and the lightweight product development requirements of the lithium battery industry, the application and development of the soft pack lithium battery are becoming more and more important; with the development of new energy vehicles and accelerated construction of charging piles, soft pack power lithium battery market demand will grow explosively; with development of lithium battery in the field of mobile storage batteries specially for military, communication base station and mining, the application of Al-plastic composite soft pack materials of lithium battery will become wider and wider; product requirements will be increasingly professional and customized; “Jiangsu Huagu” will advance continually, set industry benchmark courageously, strive to become a modern enterprise in the lithium battery ALF industry with standardization, scale, professionalism


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